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Had a really cool opportunity come my way this week. I was told I needed to make a photo that would be played on the front page of a few of the Sun Media papers around Canada. I got lucky and made some descent pictures. It was interesting to see how each paper did their lay out […]



This week I am being featured by News Photographers Association of Canada in part of their weekly members blog. Check them out at Thanks



I think I am a little late this month on pushing out photos for people to view but it’s been a very exciting/busy month.

Shot a wedding with a my friend Pike on the weekend. It wasn’t the most exciting thing but I had fun taking photos of something other then news. I picked a few that I liked. Take a look

Pix from Pride 2010

Pix from June


Hope you all had a good month. Lots happened in Toronto in June. I had the opportunity to photograph some really cool things. Enjoy PEACE!!!!!

I will do a monthly update from now on with 4-6 photos I liked. Chris