Pix from June


Hope you all had a good month. Lots happened in Toronto in June. I had the opportunity to photograph some really cool things.


Police pass by the security fence for the G20, located on Front Street, June 23,2010. CHRIS ROUSSAKIS/ REUTERS (CANADA)

Toronto - David Miller talk's to the media after announcing the revitalization of Union Station which is to be completed 2015. Chris Roussakis

The "unknown canadian actor" protests the new global TV schedule that is 75 per cent American television shows. Chris Roussakis

University of Toronto graduate Eric Bradshaw, poses for the camera after convocation June 9, 2010. Chris Roussakis

Protesters make their way throughout the streets ahead of the G20 summit in downtown Toronto, June 23,2010. REUTERS/Chris Roussakis (CANADA)

Protesters make their way throughout the streets of downtown Toronto, Saturday afternoon. REUTERS/Chris Roussakis(CANADA)

A protester stands in front of a group of riot police blocking protesters from Simco St. during protests over the G20 Summit in downtown Toronto, June 26, 2010. REUTERS/Chris Roussakis(CANADA)

A member of the media walks past the welcome entrance to the International Media Centre which will house media reporting on the upcoming G8/G20 Summit in Toronto, June 24,2010. REUTERS/Chris Roussakis (CANADA)



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