Start the trend!!!


Two days in a row? Jeezzz guys, don’t look now but I could be on a roll here. It’s been awhile since the last time I blogged two days straight.  I think the turning point was when some of my friends were giving me a hard time for the lack of blog post’s, last week.

Today…it’s what I shot today! After class I went down to the main street in Belleville and for a store owner that was whiling to be photographed. I’ve done this three weeks in a row and it seems to be working for me. Today I photographed Jeff Camacho, general manager for Capers Brasserie, an up scale restaurant in Belleville. He was really relaxed when i was taking his photo. “I wanted to be a model a few years ago”, he said. Don’t quite you’re day job Jeff!

And…just less then an hour ago, these volleyball photos were taking at Loyalist College. I don’t have much to say  other then…expect another post tomorrow or Sunday.


One Response to “Start the trend!!!”

  1. 1 Nick

    you have the absolute worst spelling and grammar, ever.

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