COD or Blog?


COD a.k.a Call Of Duty, is killing my life. What was to be blog time that I had set aside every week is nowhere to be found. I cant find that time…I’ve searched all over my house, every room, every corner, everywhere. Till I looked down at my hands. The five inch, black Sony joystick spoke to me, ” I own your life…BITCH”. I’m at the point of rehab (just joking) or maybe hiding the joysticks. Okay, its not that bad… I’m still shooting, just not blogging like I told myself I would.

The first photo I am putting up was for my lighting class this week. We had to use only one off camera flash with harsh light. We could only use the flash as it is on its own…but off camera.

Spent the about an hour walking around downtown Belleville trying to find a person WILLING to be photographed. It seems like after 22 years of having a photojournalism program in a small town has made store owner tired of getting their photo taken. But, its just another challenge for use to face to make us better…I guess?

The next selection of photos are from last weekend. I headed home to Ottawa to shoot some university sports. I shot two Carleton University Ravens basketball game and one woman’s hockey game. For the most part, It was good fun and walked away with a few photos worthy to be put on a blog. Not too much to say about the photos other then I was testing the new Canon 7D for most of these photos. All-in-all, a solid camera, I found it would meter light in a bad way. I was taking photos on two other cameras that meters 1600 ISO but the 7D needed 3200. Not bad with the focusing, not quite a 1D but much better then what my old 40D gave me, two years ago.

Ottawa - Carleton Ravens forward,Jessica O'Grady brakes free at center ice against the Concordia Stingers during their regular season game, Feb 1 2010.

Ottawa -Carleton Raves head coach, Dave smart, reacts to a foul called late in the game against University of Toronto of their basketball regular season game at the Ravens Nest. January 29 2010. CHRIS ROUSSAKIS


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