The Loyalist Lancers basketball teams hosted a double header against the Centennial Colts on Jan. 26.  The night kicked off with woman’s basketball team who are currently seventh in the Eastern Conference.

The woman’s faced an evenly matched Centennial team, the woman’s came out strong going point for point with the Colts.  The team played a good defense all game getting the Colts down to the final seconds of the shoot clock on numerous occasions.

Going into half the Lancers trailed by four points with a score of 23-19.  The woman came out strong in the second half tying up the game with 16 minutes to go.  Getting later in the game the woman’s started to show signs of fatigue, and give up rebounds.  With two minutes left in the game Dianna Bouder made  two free throw shots to bring them within two point of the Colts.

After the free throws, the Colts put on the pressure on and got a few more baskets to bring the final to 50-43 in favor of the Colts.

The men for the majority of the game were trying to play catch up, going into half down 34-28.

The men came out stronger during the second half and with two minutes left the Lancers had caught up and were down by two points with a score of 56-54.  With 1:45 left in the game Rakeem Reynolds sank one free throw to bring them one point behind.  With 1:14 left Jarin Fischl sank two free throws to move the Lancers ahead by one point — the first time Loyalist had lead the whole game.

With free throws made in the final seconds of the game by Lancers Calvin Chevannes, Trevor Mayor, and Damone Donaldson, the final score was 62-58 for the third win for the Lancers of the year.

By: Magoo

Funny photo from the girls game for you guys….


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