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The Loyalist Lancers basketball teams hosted a double header against the Centennial Colts on Jan. 26.  The night kicked off with woman’s basketball team who are currently seventh in the Eastern Conference. The woman’s faced an evenly matched Centennial team, the woman’s came out strong going point for point with the Colts.  The team played […]

Week 3 of 2010


In the last week I have been doing some catch up with other areas of my life. Still found time to take a few frames. I’m very tired so I wont be writing a lot. Enjoy the pics! The second half of the basketball game was spent with my 70-200 fixed on this coach. He […]

A new year is here. Maybe I will blog more…? It’s funny. I always bitch about people around me not updating their own blog enough for my liking but yet…I myself never update. Don’t really know what to say other then…sorry. The following photos have been taken in the last few weeks.