Interning it up!!!


Hey guys! I’m going to try to make this the best post yet.

On October 23rd I left Belleville to start my one week internship at Reuters Toronto. When my teachers at Loyalist College told me that we were going to have a week of I really wanted to push to get a short week long internship. I have been doing some stuff with Reuters before hand. I had met Peter Jones (Photo Editor Reuters Canada) at last years NPAC conference and from there i got a few job here and there and some shadowing with Mark Blinch and Mike Cassese. When I asked Spud if it was alright for me to intern he seemed cool about it.


My first assignment was to shoot the Toronto Argo’s game. Now, I already posted about the photos so now I will jsut talk about how it went. I found it to be very hard to shoot. In football, it’s a lot of stop and go. You really need to think about where the play will end up in the frame so you can try to line it up before hand. Doesn’t always work but I ended up getting some frames that way. When the action starts, its very fast. you need to be able to react fast to get a great photo.

On Monday, Ontario law stated that drivers could not use hand held devices while driving. I had to find a photo of someone driving with a cell phone going at the same time. It just so happened that Tyler Anderson was taking the same photo at the same corner I had gone to. We ended up getting the same photo. I didn’t feel to hot about putting the photo one the wire because CanWest would have had it already. I walked down to Union station and about 10 minutes after so i got it!! Cell phone in one had, smoke in the other, window rolled down (no reflection), and no hands on the wheel. The photo ended up running in the Globe and Mail and The National Post.


nationalpost1 copy

The next big thing on my list of events I was getting to shoot was the Toronto Raptors home opener against the Cleveland Cavs. This was so cool for me. I love basketball and I would have to say that those are my two favorite teams. When I arrived at Air Canada Center I couldn’t believe that I was going to shoot the game. I had shot a lot of basketball while I was the photo editor at The Charlatan at Carleton University, but this was different. Forget what you think you know because you do not know how to shot sports till you shoot pro sports. They actually jump in the NBA….I was not used to that :). Because it was such a big game, Reuters had three photographers shooting it. For the most part I was shooting from the top of the 100 level. The photo that got the most play in the papers the next day from the ones I shot was actually from above.


torontostar1 copy

It ran in about four different papers word wide. That’s the cool thing about working for a wire, your photos don’t just make it in to the same paper everyday, they end up all over the place. It can be kinda crazzy to see where they end up. The photo of Bosh is a love hate. I like it because it’s sharp but I hate it so much because the next frame after was better….but soft. I guess It’s not bad but if the next one was sharp…I’d be singing!!


So im going to end on a few photos that I took of my self at the office. Very big thank you to Peter Jones for letting me come down and getting Reuters slapped around my work for a week, Mike Casses for editing and captioning for me some nights and picking up my lens from Canon :), and Mark Blinch for always making me feel like it could have been better then what I actually shot and for knowing what it feels like to take the TTC with all your gear with you to events. All in all, just a lot of fun and hopefully will intern again in the winter. Also to my wonderful girlfriend Sarah for helping me out all week long.



The Globe and Mail

– The National Post x2

– The Edmonton Journal x2

– The Toronto Star

– The Times Colonist

– The Financial Times

– Global TV. Com

– Some random one in Italy that I don’t know how to spell out


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  1. 1 Brodie Rochford

    Hey, congrats Chris, this is quiet the accomplishment. Glad to see your taking advantage of your chances.

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