Ontario’s premier says the government is ensuring wind farms won’t harm Ontarians’ health as they provide jobs and clean energy.

“I have confidence in the standards, that we have struck the right balance between protecting health, protecting our natural environment, and allowing our economy to grow,” Dalton McGuinty told reporters here Friday after his speech to the Rotary Club of Belleville.

“The demand is out there (to) create jobs,” he said at the Ramada Inn, adding some residents are also demanding electricity without wanting to live near power plants.

“We’re trying to reconcile those demands with our responsibility to make sure these things are safe and don’t compromise our health,” McGuinty said. “So we’re relying on the best expertise that we’ve gathered from around the world.

“We have put in place now under the regulations of our Green Energy Act the toughest standards in North America and tougher than many they already have in place in Europe.”

The premier also commended Belleville’s high rate of entrepreneurship and its manufacturing base.

“This is a community that has its act together,” he said. “It is remarkable — the kind of manufacturing that is taking place in a smaller centre. It just reaffirms this idea that anybody can do this as long as they have the determination, the infrastructure and the know-how.”_C9D0237


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