Toronto trip skate pictures


So I really dont know what I want to do with these photos. I like how they look in black and white and may try to make a multimedia piece about skateboarding but really havent thought about where I’d want to go with my ideas…because I really dont have any at this point. Skateboarders and extrem sportests always love to have a good picture to show their friends from that big jump, flip, or what ever, so it wont be hard to get people to let me follow them around, its just a matter finding a angle on something.

So back to the photos Im going to show you. I was in Toronto for the 2009 NPAC conference and while we are on our lunch break I saw a bunch of kids skateboarding across the street and started taking a few pictures. There was other photos that other people liked, but when i went to crop them, i just wasnt seening it look balanced in areas.

I was looking for some different looks to skateboarding, too many skateboarding photos are just the trick so i really didnt want to focus on that too much.





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