Mothers Day Fun!!


For the past three years, it’s been a tradition to take my mother to my brothers house just outside of Ottawa. My mother doesn’t get to see my brothers childern that much because of the distance and the fact that she worked a lot. So for my mother, its a really big deal for her to see the grandchildren. I too dont see them that much. My neice Megan was born back in…March??? and I saw her for the seconed time today. motherday1.4

The seconed part of my day was spent downtown looking for photos to possable send it to get played in tomorrows paper. I found a few interesting things in the mist of the grey sky’s and the clod wind’s. I made my way down to majors hill park and found the last remaining tulips in the downtown area. Here is what i came up with.



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  1. i like i like!

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