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Yesterday was one of those days that I was shooting event styles for the very first time. The first was a memorial for a young Carleton University student that died in the Ottawa river last week. Friends, family, classmates and supporters held a candle light vigil at Britannia Beach, near the place where Algonquin College […]

So I really dont know what I want to do with these photos. I like how they look in black and white and may try to make a multimedia piece about skateboarding but really havent thought about where I’d want to go with my ideas…because I really dont have any at this point. Skateboarders and […]

For the past three years, it’s been a tradition to take my mother to my brothers house just outside of Ottawa. My mother doesn’t get to see my brothers childern that much because of the distance and the fact that she worked a lot. So for my mother, its a really big deal for her […]

Last night I went to go see a movie with my friend Bry. If you were thinking of going to see Ghost’s of girlfriends past…I would. I liked it. But hey, we are not here to talk movies, its about photo taking. So we went to the movie and once we got back to the […]