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Pro-Tamil demonstrators filled the lawn of Parliament Hill Tuesday afternoon, with RCMP estimating the crowd at 10,000. Amid a sea of umbrellas, the crowd chanted and carried banners calling for an end to what they termed a “genocide” in Sri Lanka. Gone from Tuesday’s demonstration were the red flags that many associate with the banned […]



So yesterday, I had my first NPAC, APAD. For about a month or so I have been trying to get photos to win APAD. No that is has happen, I’m hungry for more.

Today was the first day back for my co-op student. We headed outside to look for some weather features and found a great glass wall/ door and did some photos of each other. This is what I came up with.

Just like any other week day, I was sitting in the Charlatan office looking at photos from the past week. When I was driving to campus there was no snow…I wasn’t even thinking about snow, it’s April..why would snow be on anyones mind. Next think I know, there was a blizzard taking place outside. LIKE […]

So I got on campus today and really wanted to take a photo. Its kinda hard to make a photo when there is no people on campus. So i went down to the Canal ( my new fav spot to make pictures) and it started to rain hard. I see this kid come out from […]



So last night was…PANDAMONIUM!!! the two bands that C.U.S.A came up with were, METRIC and BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH. It was ok. had a good time overall.

So a was shooting the 1st Annual Charity Hoops Classic: Men’s Soccer vs. Women’s Basketball at the Carleton University, Ravens Nest. I saw a kid goofing around in the corner of the gym. Knowing that he was going to get bored as the game went on, I kept my eye on him and just waited […]