Screenplay makes it big


First year journalism student at Carleton University, Christine Sirois, will have her coming of age story of a young jewish boy that works at a Sushi bar, produced by the Carleton film society . The film entitled, Kosher Rebellion will be playing at the Mayfair theater on April 9th at 7 p.m. When I was photographing her, she kept saying that this felt weired to her because shes the one taking the photo most often then not. I offered her my camera but she said no.

I was playing around with two flashes in the picture. Still trying to learn flash ( my weak side ). screenplay


2 Responses to “Screenplay makes it big”

  1. Just found this site. Some really good stuff.

    I like how she’s sitting and the camera angle.

    For the lighting, don’t feel the need to evenly light her face . If you’re going to use two flashes, make sure one hitting her face is weaker so there’s a ratio other than 1:1.

    Keep it up,
    John Packman
    Photo Editor
    Dalhousie Gazette

  2. 2 Monika

    Hey, hey! It’s Christine!

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