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Some nice light


I was sitting in my office and was starting to get very bored from refreshing photo sites. In my office I have four large windows that are…i’d say (20 feet wide and 4 feet high), and I saw some some what nice light outside. I grabbed my camera and made my way near the canal […]

First year journalism student at Carleton University, Christine Sirois, will have her coming of age story of a young jewish boy that works at a Sushi bar, produced by the Carleton film society . The film entitled, Kosher Rebellion will be playing at the Mayfair theater on April 9th at 7 p.m. When I was […]

Jib tedt…ski and snowboard club….crazy fun….all you need to know.

The annual ski and snowboard club is hosting Jib Test today (friday March 27, 2009)… HERE THEY ARE GETTING STARTED.

Today my blog hit over 2000 views. I started the blog back in October and love it. I hope you guys like it too. This summer I will be lunching my web site so stay tuned for info on that. Have a great day Chris Roussakis

I forgot to post a photo of the winning shot from the semi-final game against Waterloo. Its from a few days back but Im gunna put it up anyways.