Late bus ride


Lat night was the first of my six week course at Algonquin College on photojournalism. I’m headed to Loyalist College next year for there Photo J program but I just felt that I should be as sharp as I can be. The course at the gonk is cool. Its gotta lot of older guys in it, but hey….its goota to with something I love so therefor I like it. Ray Pilon is the teacher. You may know that name, he shot for the Ottawa Citizen many years ago. He does a lot of events for companies and such.

Our first assignment was to go feature hunting. By the time I was out of class, I had 5 minutes to catch the last bus home. There was a little old man on my bus and I knew that your not allowed to take photos on OC Transpo Buses but after hearing Ray’s story’s for three hours…..I didn’t give a crap.



3 Responses to “Late bus ride”

  1. Was this on the 118? šŸ™‚

  2. 2 1wmj

  3. Chris- send me an email at contact(at)brettgundlock(dot)com

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