So friday was a busy day for me. It’s not everydy that I have back-to-back-to-back assignments. Thank god I was able to crash at a friends house downtown and get a lift with him to one of the jobs.

So I woke up at around 7:30am on friday morning, got in the shower, ate some two bite brownies and started my walk to Ottawa U campus to shoot the O.U.A swimming finals. With a 300mm over my shoulder and a few two bite brownies in my camera bag I faced the cold and made to U of O just in time. Because of the cold outside the 300mm fogged up right as I walked into the pool area. For some reason, the person that was telling where photographers where to shoot from, placed me up on the diving tower. It make for some ok shots but nothing like I had seen in S.I. After getting nervous from being on the second tower, I made my way down to pool side. I had never shot swimming before and didn’t know what busting off 4gb of photos in 2 hours was normal. So only a few good ones came out of this.swimming1

So once I was done at swimming, I made my way over to the canal to get some snaps of people chilling on their lunch break. I really wish I had done some video while I was there. It was just too funny to watch people crash to the hard ice. I know, I know, im bad. I found these two little kids whom I later found out were brothers, trying to push each other over in hopes of laughing at the other one. I fell in love right away. I parked myself about 20 feet away from the kids and just waited till one of them won the battle. It was even better teh there father stood over them and txted on his phone as totally didnt know what was going on.


After that was done, I made my way back to my friends house and waited for him to get back from the ski hill. Once he got home he asked me if I wanted to go shoot the 67’s game with him that night. Me wanting to get as much photo time in before I head to Loyalist College this September was down. The light is really nice in the Civic Center. I was shooting at ISO 500 at f/4 and shutter was around 640 I think….no to sure about that. So it was a good show, they lost but I really dont care.



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