Canada some how did it


Unreal, unreal. I can not believe that they actually did it. Team Canada beat a better, faster, and more deserving Russian team yeasterday (Jan 3rd). It’s not that I didnt want Canada to win, they just didnt play hard enough for me to say they were the best team.

With so man strong players, many of whom have already been drafted into the National Hockey League or wil be this upcoming draft, I flet as if they should have played better. P.K Subban was not a star defenceman, Johnny T didn’t smoke the goal top shelf, and that goal…omg please stop a puck next time. There lucky it ended the way it did.

As I was sitting at my photo postion, I had the pleasure of having a few loud months around me but none the less they had valid points. They said if we have to go to shoot out, ” we are done for”. I thought so to. I can comprehend how we did it.

I know everyone bought gold medal tickets thinking as if Canada was going to be in it, but what if we lost last night? Would people be selling them off like they were Nortel stocks? i really hope Canada win Monday, im sure they will. If they dont I hope Canada understands.


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