World Juniors: U.S.A vs. Canada


By the time that the U.S.A vs. Canada game had come, I had seen many blow out games and some very bad hockey. Need less to say, I was expecting the very best for the two North American teams. Because this was such a big game, for the first two periodes, I was shooting from the 200 level but had ice level for the third.

Working for a US paper when shooing the US games, I really didn’t know who to cheer for. If Canada won I would be happy for my country but if the U.S.A won I would have had more pictures running.

In the first periode, I felt as if Canada was down and out. Down three goals, I just didnt feel they could come back and win. STOP!! NOW ENTERING TO THE GAME, NUMBER 19, JJJJJOOOHHNNNNY TTTTT. John Tavares let his team to one of the best come-backs in the span of me shooting sports.

I had some “good” pics, nothing crazy. Hope you like

Happy New year


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