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Today my good friend Christopher Pike followed me to my place of work today, The Charlatan. As soon as we arrived there was a few pictures that needed to be taken and some other business that need to be done. The first thing and the best part on my to-do list was a photo at […]



Needs a byline

Unreal, unreal. I can not believe that they actually did it. Team Canada beat a better, faster, and more deserving Russian team yeasterday (Jan 3rd). It’s not that I didnt want Canada to win, they just didnt play hard enough for me to say they were the best team. With so man strong players, many […]

The final game of the round robin was held on December 31st and it saw Canada square off against U.S.A. The forgotten game was Czech republic vs. Kazakhstan. Everyone was cheering for Kazakhstan. The Kazakhs had not scored a goal in ther first three games. When the photo work room is for media photographers is […]

By the time that the U.S.A vs. Canada game had come, I had seen many blow out games and some very bad hockey. Need less to say, I was expecting the very best for the two North American teams. Because this was such a big game, for the first two periodes, I was shooting from […]