Borat and his friends vs. U.S.A


When the Kazakhstan team plaed Canada on the 28th of December, many lost interest in the game very fast. just over 18,000 fans showed up to the U.S.A  vs. Kazakhstan thinking they would see the same thing. For me, my favourite moment in covering this tournement has to be the fact that so many people were cheering for the Kazakh team and that when ever they had the puck they would go nuts as if it where there home team in the Stanly Cup finals game. The Kazak’s played really bad (11-0) bad but they had a good first periode. It took the U.S.A team seven and a half minutes to score there fist goal, it took Canada 1 minute 12 seconds. I hope that stat means something big by the next of the this tourny.

Anyways, I hate writting and im not good at it so im going to stop and let you guyus look at the pictures now.

Happy New Years


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