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When the Kazakhstan team plaed Canada on the 28th of December, many lost interest in the game very fast. just over 18,000 fans showed up to the U.S.A  vs. Kazakhstan thinking they would see the same thing. For me, my favourite moment in covering this tournement has to be the fact that so many people […]




Canada Practice


So I made it to SBP just in time to shoot the Canadian team practice. It was fun. The players were loose and just joking around. Toward the end, players we leaving and only the goalies were left. I found it soo funny that the goalies had to clean up all the pucks that were […]

Day 4?


So last night had to be the best game i’ve shot this tourny. Most of the Canadian gmaes were just blow outs and fans got tired of standing up to cheer. Last night the fans were going nuts, were very much into the game and that made it fun for me. There were some close […]

The IIHF World Junior Hockey tourny is in Ottawa this year so I did my best to get in as media to shoot it. I do believe that this will be the bigest event that I have done yet. This so many pictures im looking do do and thank good soo much time to do […]