Butterfly’s make me sweat


So the Carleton University greenhouse holds a butterfly show every year for about a week. Theres roughly 75 butterflys in two greenhouses. The event is said to have over 100 people go through the greenhouse’s each day.

So with all the buzz about how great this event was, I desided that I should go see it myself. So last Monday I went to the greenhouse. As soon as I stept in, I stared to sweat like crazy. I never knew how hot it was in a green house. Mind you, I had a leather jacket on. So after 25 minutes of sweating my ass off, I peaced. I only got a few photos from it because I was so focused on the amount of sweat coming from my body. I desided to go back a few days later, but this time I went dressed for the occacion. With a light pair of jeans and only a thin t-shirt, the greenhouse was mine. I told myself I would photograph for hours now…WRONG!! This thing still kicked my butt. If anything, i was sweating more.

So for those who want to do greenhouse photos my advise to you is to go naked!!


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